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Join the Joy Movement – it’s for everyone who cares and dares to make a difference in South Africa and the world by bringing more love and kindness to humankind.

We’re on the UP, and you can be too!

Join the joy movement – here’s how!

The UP’s vision is to grow a Joy Movement throughout Southern Africa and the world by sharing love, Acts of Remarkable Kindness and inspiring folk to be volunteers and joy catalysts.
Since 2003, The UP has been developing tools of UPliftment, offering training to care givers, catalysts and facilitators who want to UPlift our societies in Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Businesses and Communities.

Please see “Joy Campaigns” for more info on our joy movement tour.


Our mission is to collaborate with others that are developing or using tools for emotional wellness and personal development and extend UPliftment programmes throughout Southern African communities. If you would like to support through donations, collaborations or participation in other ways  Please Join UP

Or for more information and updates on our blogs join Our Community.