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About UP

We are The UPliftment Programme (The UP), that’s how we ALL feel “On The UP and UP”. We are an arts for health humanitarian organisation registered as a Not for Profit & Public Benefit Organisation. We are a growing family of joy catalysts committed to bringing UPliftment and extra care to sick & traumatised children in communities, homes & hospitals. Sharing joy sUPports their well-being & recuperation and UPlifts our spirits and all who witness the joy at the same time.

WE ARE CO-CREATING a GLOBAL JOY MOVEMENT! We inspire people around the world to step-up, be humanKIND and spread loVe & joy.

Currently we are bringing joy, love and emotional UPlifment to over 3000 children every month & with over a decade of sharing joy behind UP, we’ve extended our UPliftment to include joyful schools too.

Nowadays our joy catalysts range from school going children to adults, some are even pensioners. We inspire & train UP all who’re keen to share their hearts and creativity and all are invited to step UP & share joy.

We even offer joy to corporations and you can book a joy-speaker/facilitator/catalyst for your next team build, strategy session or corporate event. You can also join UP and support any of our annual community events around South Africa and take part in our global campaigns spread joy and happiness. Currently we have 2 Joy campaigns – #ARK (inspiring folk to do Acts of Remarkable Kindness) and #HULA4LOVE (co-creating Circles of LoVe around the world) and pretty soon we will launch #JOYONLINE (an online video with tips and tools to sustain joy in these shifting times).

Our cheerlady

We are so proud of our founding cheerlady – Nicola Jackman, she has kept The UP sustained for 11years and besides being an award winning actress, voice artist & she’s the original joy catalyst and has personally trained UP hundreds of Care Clowns.

She has been a professional performing heartist for 20 years, nowadays she brings all her character full delight to the stage & screen, with her own special brand of inspirational speaking as a JOY Catalyst and through her one woman family show “MAfrika” (a family show that carries the same message of love & joy to thousands of hearts internationally).

For the past 11 years Nicola has actively worked on expanding JOY; as the founder of (The UP) The UPliftment Programme , Nicola gives keynote joy talks and also continues to sUPport the training of other joy catalysts, care clowns and trainers, she creates playful spaces for people to transform fear to love & be inspired into giggling and joyful possibility.