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Joy Campaigns

Growing the joy moVement has meant we’re now committed to inspiring new ideas where joy can flow…

We are creating a JOYMOVMENT Tour around South Africa in 2016 – focusing on at least 13 communities – we will show the world through films, social media, live talks and living examples how to live joyfully and be YAY humanKIND

In each community we will:

  1. Deliver a live JOY Talk to the community (by Nicola Jackman)
  2.   Support at least one local community organization or school with whatever their need may be – Build a classroom ,food garden, greenhouse or a litter clear up
  3. Deliver a transformation evening with Conscious Cinema and at least 2 other live talks by transformational teachers, innovators, musicians
  4. Put on a Family fun Day for the community with loads of fun & games
  5. Deliver a Joy Training for local staff at schools, institutions and non-profits
  6. Do at least 3 Uplifting joy visits to hospitals & homes
  7. Put on a live audience Conscious Cooking show (with Brett Austin) recorded for social media (and potentially TV) also recorded for social media (and potentially TV)
  8. Put on a live audience HumaniTEA with Nicola Jackman
  9. Record WOWders in each community – showcasing the remarkable people who’re affecting change in each area  – focusing on uplifting & transformation stories news also recorded for social media (and potentially TV)
  10. Put on children’s theatre for previously disadvantaged schools and homes… like MAfrika (a Naledi nominated Theatre show by Nicola Jackman)

We will use the tour to promote and inspire our core work – the training up of volunteer Care Clowns, who in turn bring laughter, play and loving care to hospitals. With this work we are supporting the children’s emotional wellness and thereby affecting their general wellness.

We will also encourage support for our hula-hoop (Circles of loVe) project – which continues to be an additional Upliftment tool for mixed groups of youth in previously disadvantaged communities. We bring these circles to them inhouse and enthuse non-competitive play & Upliftment. Ultimately – collectively with ALL our UPlifting joymoVement activities – we are making our dream of a “joyous, peace loving and healthy Southern Africa” – a reality.


At the start of 2014 the UP began their first ever global joy campaign “#hula4love”, creating virtual circles of love around the world through the logging of minutes that folk hula-hooped and then converting those minutes into virtual kilometres that create circles of love around our world. The first circle of love around the world was completed in August – 40500kms was logged from schools, communities and individuals around the world, we are intending for 10 circles by February 2015. Currently a further 16 oookms has been logged.

We have also launched a merchandising / fundraising programme and folks can Buy Hula Hoops from us and support the UP to grow JOY.


Acts of Remarkable Kindness – is our 2nd global project… the idea is to inspire Kindness to be shared… it shouldn’t be random, it should be shared and remarked on and we will all be inspired to step up and share more then…

We are a growing community of HUMANKIND… Both Human & Kind…
We share inspiring Acts of Kindness and encourage each other to step UP and be remARKable and wonderful examples of humanKIND!IMG_9965

Acts of Remarkable Kindness #ARK – is a community space for us to share our Acts… It’s time to step UP & join the joy movement